Feasibility and Technical Aspects of single-port laparoscopic surgery for Colorectal cancers

Kozo Konishi, Gen Hidaka, Osamu Miura. Hofu Institute of gastroenterology


Single-port laparoscopic surgery (SPLS)is more difficult than conventional multi-port laparoscopic surgery. There have been a limited number of reports of SPLS procedures in colorectal disease. We analyzed the feasibility of this procedure for colorectal cancers and to estimate its difficulty.


We analyzed cancer cases retrospectively collected data from 220 consecutive patients who underwent single-port laparoscopic surgery at our institution. Patient and tumor characteristics, procedures of lymph node dissection, short term results of operation were analyzed.


Forty-three single-incision laparoscopic colectomies were performed (28 right colectomies, 3 transverse colic resections, 9 sigmoidectomies, and 3 anterior resection). No conversions to open resection occurred. An additional port was required in 3 patients. Mean incision length was 4.2 cm (range, 2.5-6) blood loss was 48g, and operative time was 145 minutes. Complications included 2 wound infection. Mean lymph node harvest was 15 (range, 10-27). In rectal resection, much technical difficulties were encountered compared than right colectomies.


Our data demonstrate that single-incision laparoscopic colectomies for colorectal cancers were safe and oncologically feasible in selected patients by experienced surgeons.

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