Extracorporeal versus intracorporeal anastomosis after laparoscopic left colectomy – does it matter?

PURPOSE: Means of anastomosis after laparoscopic colectomy may be extracorporeal(EC) or intracorporeal(IC). Since there is paucity of data reporting the effect of means of anastomosis on outcomes for patients undergoing laparoscopic left colectomy, we compare outcomes for patients undergoing EC and IC.
METHODS: Patients undergoing anastomosis after laparoscopic left colectomy, sigmoidectomy and resection rectopexy, when either EC or IC would be feasible were identified from a prospective database. Patients undergoing Hartmann’s reversal, low anterior resection and open conversions were excluded since ECA in some of these instances may not be possible. Baseline characteristics and outcomes of the 2 groups were compared using Fisher’s exact, Chi –squared and Wilcoxon tests. Data were reported as median and p

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