Expulsion of giant intestinal lipoma 5 days after laparoscopic Roux-En-Y-Gastric Bypass

Jakub Wilhelm, MD, Anai Hamasaki, MD, Leopoldo Baccaro, MD, Stanley Ogu, MD, Artun Aksade, MD, FACS

Easton Hospital, Drexel University College of Medicine


Lipomas of the gastrointestinal tract are rare, but present the third most common cause of intestinal neoplasms. Most intestinal lipomas are asymptomatic. However, they may present with bleeding, obstruction, intussusception or abdominal pain. Spontaneous expulsion of an intestinal lipoma is extremely rare. We present a case report about a 53 year-old male patient who had a laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric-bypass for failure of conservative weight loss methods. On postoperative day four the patient had a myocardial infarction and persistent abdominal discomfort. A spontaneous expulsion of an intestinal lipoma was observed on postoperative day five, after which the patient instantly felt relief.

Only few spontaneous expulsions of intestinal lipomas are described in the literature. In this case report, we provide a comprehensive literature review regarding intestinal lipomas and possible explainations for spontaneous expulsions.

Session: Poster Presentation

Program Number: P611

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