Experience of the Single port access laparoscopic surgery(SPA) for colorectal surgery

Shuji Kitashiro, PhD, Shunichi Okushiba, Yo Kawarada, Yoshiyuki Suzuki, Daisuke Saikawa, Kazuyuki Yamamoto. Tonan Hospital


Single port access laparoscopic surgery (SPA) is a virtually “scarless” technique. A retrospective analysis is performed to evaluate an initial experience for colectomy of this surgical approach.


A total of 90 cases diagnosed with colorectal cancer between 2009 and 2013. Operative, and post operative characteristics including overall survival and surgical complication were analyzed. Single port surgery was performed by two methods. One was that Free access TM (Top) was inserted the umbilical area. The other method was that three 5-mm trocars are inserted from the umbilical region,


The average surgical time was about 180 minutes for the lower rectum, 133 minutes for the oter rectum, 112 minutes for sigmoid colon, 112min for Ascending colon and 101 min for cecum. In almost all operations, we successfully managed to get an adequate operative field. Not only patients were not converted to conventional technique, but also there were no additional trocar.


The umbilical incision used in SPA is subjected to scar contraction, and post-after surgery it reducesthe scar shrinks so that the scarit is almost nearly invisible. unnoticeable. From a the standpoint of cosmetic cosmesisperspective, the procedure offers greater advantages to patients than any other surgical method currently in general use. SPA was feasible for colorectal Surgery. Currently, however, SPLS is still at theremains in the introductory stages, and the number of cases in which it has been introduced is small. It is thought to be too early to objectively evaluate safety, invasiveness, and reliability, etc., and the its efficacy of SPA in various contexts must be seriously evaluated in the future.

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