Excess Weight Loss in Laparoscopic Gastric Plication: To Plicate Or Not To Plicate

M S Abdelhamid, MD1, Ahmed M Sadat, MD1, Ayman R Abdelhaseeb, MD1, Tamer M Nabil, MD1, Mohamed S Abdelbasset, MD1, Amr M Ali, MD1, Hesham A Nafady1, Khalid A Shawky, MD1, Mohamed H Abdelmola, MD1, Adel M Abdullah, MD2, Ahmed Z Ghrib, MD2, Assad F Salama, MD3. 1bani swif univrsity, 2October 6 th university, 3THeodor Bilharz

Objective: To find is it worth or not to plicate in relation to EBW loss

Patients: 47 were enrolled in the study between May 2012 till May 2013 with follow up till May 2014 with BMI of 38 -65

Method: LGP was done to all using two rows of continuous o prolene thread aided with harmonic scalpel .BMI and EBW were calculated prior to LGP then EBW Loss was estimated at six months and one year. The following scale was applied regarding EBW loss 0- 14 %failure, 15% -39% poor, 40%- 69% medium,70% or more excellent outcome, while regain of 10% or more marked as regain .

Results: We had one (2.1%) deplication, six (12.7%) regained weight, two (4.2%) failures, fourteen (29.7%) poor, sixteen (34%) medium outcome and eight (17%) with excellent outcome regarding EBW loss.

Conclusion: It is very difficult to roll out LGP, we found it worth to do LGP although only 17% got excellent EBW loss and 34% got medium EBW loss which were acceptable to those patients which represent more than 50% of our patients. This acceptance was supported by the low cost, safety and the potential reversibility of the procedure .

Key words :Laparoscopic gastric plication-Excess body weight loss

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