Ex-vivo Comparison of the Efficiencies of LOTUS® and Ethicon® Ultrasonic Instruments

Aims: To compare energy utilisation and dissecting efficiencies of Ethicon® and LOTUS® ultrasonic surgical instruments.
Methods: 1. Calorimetry experiments were performed to compare thermal energy produced by ultrasonic surgical devices adopting longitudinal (Ethicon Harmonic Scalpel®; EHS) and torsional (Laparoscopic Operation by Torsional UltraSound®; LOTUS) vibration modes, using differently shaped waveguide tips.
2. An ex-vivo bench model was used to determine the efficiencies of the 2 ultrasonic devices and monopolar diathermy while dissecting though 3 different types of porcine tissue (liver, kidney and muscle). We also measured the amount of tissue destroyed during the dissection process.
Results: There was no significant difference between EHS® and LOTUS® in calorimetric analysis (energy transferred by EHS = 44.7% (43.3-45.7), LOTUS = 54.9% (50.1-59.3) p

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