Evaluation of Diagnostic Indices of Acute Appendicitis in KAUH

Ahmed M Makki, MSc, Surgery, FRCS, Assistant, Profes, Adnan A Merdad, Professo, of, Surgery FRCS, FACS, Sami S Judeeba, MBBS Teaching, Assistant

Department of Surgery,Medical College King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Key words :
C-reactive protein
Right iliac fossa pain
Alvarado scoring system

Background :
Acute appendicitis is the most common surgical emergency that necessitates clinical skills & laboratory work up. Alvarado scoring system is used for diagnosis of appendicitis [1]. Validity of Alvarado scoring system was studied with good evidence of high diagnostic value[2-4] . The most popular scoring system which combine clinical picture with lab. Investigations is Alvarado scoring system which comprises 8 factors ,each factor scores 1 point except for tenderness & leucocytes which score 2 points.[1,5].

Methods :
It is a prospective study for all patients admitted in KAUH complaining of lower abdominal pain ,suspecting acute appendicitis . We are going to score each patient according to Alvarado system in addition to C-reactive protein in serum & age of the patient.

Assessment of the accuracy of these indices for all patients either subjected to operation or patients who received conservative treatment. Supplementary radiological investigations are also evaluated .

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Program Number: P630

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