Evaluation of a Video-based Curriculum for Laparoscopic Biliary Surgery: a Pilot Study From the Sages Mis Web Learning Center

The SAGES Continuing Medical Education and Resident Education committees have, in conjunction with Cine-Med, developed a web based learning module for surgical education utilizing various SAGES videos and educational materials. The aim of this project was to assess resident utilization of the pilot module in laparoscopic biliary surgery and to evaluate improvement in standardized test scores.

Methods: Videos from Top 14 Series, SAGES Grand Rounds (SGR), SGR Case Studies, supplementary videos, and the SAGES Manual were organized into basic and advanced modules in a biliary curriculum. Assessment questions were written based on content material. The module was piloted in four general surgery residency programs from September 2007 to September 2008. Residents participated in an introductory session and were encouraged to use the web based curriculum in independent study. Residents at all levels were encouraged to take and complete the basic curriculum and its pre and post tests. Third, fourth and fifth year residents were encouraged to complete the advanced modes and its pre and post tests. Data was collected prospectively on resident participation, pre and post test scores and use of the various educational modalities. Data was analyzed to obtain descriptive data, and means were compared with paired T-tests.

Results: 322 residents were registered into the SAGES Web Learning Center. Of these, 118 completed pre and post tests for the basic module for a 37% participation rate. The mean score for the biliary basic module pretest was 55.98 (SD-15.51) and increased significantly for the post test to 74.65 (SD-6.15) (p

Session: Podium Presentation

Program Number: S114

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