Evaluation for post-op malnutrition in LapBand patients

Lap-Banding is a safe and effective procedure . In contrast to gastric bypass these patients do not develop significant malabsorbption and may not require replacement of nutritional supplements. This study is to evaluate this theory. Methods: All patients who underwent laparoscopic banding between May 2005 and Jan 2007 were included. Data collection included patient demographics: age, gender, BMI, pre-operative excess weight, pre-operative nutritional markers ( pre-albumin, transferrin, Vit B12 and Vit D levels). Post-operative weight loss and the nutritional markers at 3, 6 and 12-months follow-up were
recorded. All data are presented as Mean±Standard deviation for parametric data and Median for non-parametric data. Fisher exact test was used for comparing discrete data. Results: 82 patients were identified, 75(91.5%) were female with mean age (41.6±9.4) and 7(8.5%) were male with mean age (45.4±15.2). The overall mean pre-operative BMI was 43.6±5.5 ; 43±5.3 in female and 49.6±4.9 in male. The overall mean excess weight was 116±40 pounds and 173.2 3.6 in female and 110.9 36 pounds for male.3 months mean weight loss was 28.5±13.4 , which represents a mean excess weight loss (EWL) of 26.2% in all the patients. At 6-month the mean EWL of was 32.7%,while at one year the EWL was 38.4%(37%(range 4-100%) in female and only one male patient had a one year follow-up and he lost 80% of his pre-operative excess weight).On analysis of the nutritional markers, the percentage of patients with abnormal values are shown in the table below

On comparison of the number of patients that had nutritional deficiency at 3-month, 6-month and 12-month with the pre-operative values there was no significant increase in the number of patients with nutritional deficiency for either prealbumin(p=0.24,0.6, 1.0), Transferrin, (p=1.0,1.0,1.0), Vit D (p=1.0, 0.6,1.0) or Vit B12(p=1.0, Conclusion: Laparoscopic banding as a restrictive bariatric procedure results in a significant loss of the excessive weight of the patients but does not lead to significant nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, Patients that have laparoscopic gastric banding may not require replacement of nutritional factors. However, Vitamin levels not included in this study, such as Vit D 25OH, Vit A, Vits B1 & B6 may not follow this pattern and may warrant further investigation.

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