Endoscopic Intragastric Balloon : 2 years experience in an outpatient facility

Daniel Gomez, MD, Jesus Rodriguez, MD. Gastromedica

Introduction: Obesity is a worldwide epidemic associated to multiple comorbidities. Diet and exercise are poorly effective with not long lasting results. 
Bariatric surgical procedures are effective but still associated to major complications however with a low mortality rate.
There is a need for less invasive weight loss procedures and devices such as endoscopic intrgastric ballon as an alternative to bariatric surgery.

Methods: We present a 2 years experience of endoscopic intragastric ballon placement (BIB  Allergan Inc, Irvine, Calif) performed in a total of 59 patients and done in a day care setting. 

Results:Median follow up of 12 months
BIB removed at 6 months 
Short term weight loss range 14 to 18 kg
Weight loss sustained at 12 months 48 %
20 % of patients fail to achieve significance weight loss
No major complications presented in this series

The endoscopic intragastric ballon is thought to induced early satiety by partially filling the stomach; as presented in this case series results, this is a promising alternative of weight loss in a growing public health problem.
Long term data on the safety, efficacy and durability of endoluminal bariatric procedures are needed.

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