Endoscopic Gastroplasty on Patients with Gastric Bypass and Weight Regain.

Fernando Munoz, MD, Pimentel Fernando, MD, Sharp Allan, MD, Andres Donoso, MD, Dannae Turiel, RN, Cecilia Gomez, RN, Escalona Alex, MD

Digestive Surgery Department. Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

INTRODUCTION: Gastric bypass is an effective treatment for morbid obesity. Despite their good results, some patients presents a weight regain at short or mid term. The dilated gastrojejunal anasthomosis is a risk factor for weight regain. The revisional surgery is asociated with high risk of complications. Endoscopic gastroplasty can be a more effective and less invasive alternative.
The aim of this study is evaluate the security of the endoscopic gastroplasty with de OverStich endoscopic suture (Apollo EndoSurgery Inc. St. Louis, MO) on patients with previous GBP and weight regain.

METHODS AND PROCEDURES: data analysis of the patients with endoscopic gastroplasty with OverStich system and weight regain after a GBP. Were analyzed demographics, weight regain and comorbities.

RESULTS: Since july 2011 to july 2012, seven patients has endoscopic gastroplasty with the OverStich system. The median age was 37 years, all the patients are female. Four patients has laparoscopic GBP and three open GBP. All the patients consult for weight regain. One patient has the recent diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. The median BMI before GBP was 36.1 kg/m2 (R: 34,9 – 51,1). The median BMI at the endoscopic gastroplasty was 31 kg/m2 (R: 27 – 36) and the median weight was 78 kg. (R: 67 – 102) The average time between the GBP and the endoscopic gastroplasty was 7.7 years.
The procedure duration median was 148.3 minutes (R: 125 – 160) with a mean 1.2 days of hospital stay. Two patients presented upper abdominal pain after the procedure that relief with medical therapy. No patients has severe complications.

CONCLUTION: The endoscopic gastroplasty with de OverStich system is a secure procedure that maybe can be an alternative for the treatment of the weight regain in patients with previous GBP.

Session: Poster Presentation

Program Number: P464

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