Endoscope Handle Manipulator

Luca Milone, MD, Ian Dardani, BS, Mallory Hennemuth, BS, David Straple, BS, Maria Torres, BS, Andrew Gumbs, MD


Endoluminal surgery has developed tremendously over the past few years, and the addition of robotic instruments could be very helpful in continuing the development of this field. The Endoscope Handle Manipulator is designed to robotically control standard endoscopes. It will create a stable platform and reduce the number of physicians and technicians required for procedures. The Endoscope Handle Manipulator has a U.S. patent application (SN 61/026,819) and an International Application (No. WO/2009/099633).

The device places the basic control interface of the endoscope into a pad which is controlled by the foot. It contains three main subsystems: a control pad, a manipulator, and insertion rollers. The control pad contains a circular bevel foot pedal with directional controls. The physician controls the movement of the distal end by stepping on the control pad. The control pad also contains a foot pedal that controls the insertion and retraction of the endoscope. The handle manipulator snaps onto the endoscope handle and is held in place by a pole stand for hands-free use. The manipulator contains motors which engage the endoscope knobs and buttons according to inputs from the control pad. The insertion rollers feed the distal end in and out of the patient and will connect to the bed for stability. The insertion rollers allow the tube to be engaged or disengaged mid-procedure. The prototype being developed is designed specifically for the Fujifilm G-5 series.

The Endoscope Handle Manipulator will simplify the performance of procedures such as: POEM, ERCP, NOTES, any endoluminal procedure for GERD and revisional bariatric surgery such as stoma and pouch reduction after gastric bypass.The Endoscope Handle Manipulator is expected to be readily adopted by endoscopists and surgeons within the next decade due to its added functionality and compatibility with existing commercial endoscopes.

Session: Poster Presentation

Program Number: ETP043

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