Endoluminal Vertical Gastroplasty

Although laparoscopic bariatric procedures have dramatically reduced the morbidity and mortality associated with them, there is still morbidity associated with a transabdominal procedure. An endoluminal procedure would theoretically have no more risk or difficulty in an obese patient compared to a normal weight one. Furthermore, an endoluminal procedure, if possible, would avoid all wound and intraabdominal complications associated with modern bariatric surgery.
We developed a completely endoluminal gastroplasty based on the anatomic construction of a Vertical Banded Gastroplasty. The construction is facilitated by the use of a prototype Flexible Endostitch™ and V-Loc™ suture (Covidien Surgical Devices), which allows flexible, full thickness endoscopic suturing with excellent dexterity.
The potential candidates would be:
1) The morbidly obese patient that is adverse to surgical bariatric procedure
2) A patient who is too high an operative risk
3) As a first stage procedure in a super-obese patient before a second stage surgical procedure
4) A patient with a BMI

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