Emanuele L. G. Asti, MD, Andrea Carlo Sironi, MD, Andrea G. Lovece, Luigi Bonavina. IRCCS Policlinico San Donato


In our experience the major problem during laparoscopic bowel resection is to transilluminate the mesum in order to preserve the blood supply.
The first aim of Endolumen is to enable the direct visualization of blood vessels of the bowel by transillumination, making easier and safier the resection and the anastomosis during laparoscopy.
The Endolumen, during dissection in difficult surgical planes, could be used effectively to find the right way reducing organ damages.
This Endolumen is a flexible cylindrical shaped surgical device, with a diameter of t 9 mm (according to the laparoscopic trocar size) and with a length between 5 to 10 cm, depending on the selected purposes. In the middle part of the device is placed a light LED, powered by a lithium-ion battery, rechargeable by induction.
The light intensity it’s adjustable by an external remote control. The device is covered by a soft and easily grasped material. At the extremity there’s an hanger that can make easier the extraction. The device is completely sealed.
The advantage in using light LED is to prevent warming lesions. The recharge by induction prevent the presence of electrical contacts potentially offensive. This instrument could be disposable or reusable.

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