Elective Repair of a Massive Internal Hernia Following Roux-y Gastric Bypass

Amy Neville, MD, Sebastian Demyttenaere, MD, Nicolas Christou, MD, PhD, Olivier Court, MD

McGill University Health Centre, Montreal QC, Canada

The estimated incidence of internal hernia following Roux-Y gastric bypass is 2-5%. Acute incarceration of an internal hernia, a dreaded complication, may result in significant loss of small bowel and carries a mortality of 1-2%. A significant proportion of internal hernias have a chronic, insidious presentation with recurrent symptoms of abdominal pain and cramping. Accurate and timely diagnosis in these patients permits elective repair of the internal hernia prior to developing potentially serious complications. We present the case of a massive internal hernia, containing the patient’s entire small bowel, diagnosed and treated electively. This case highlights the importance of maintaining a high degree of clinical suspicion to permit elective repair whenever possible.

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Program Number: V080

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