Eightyeven cents slip-knot instead of endo-loop

I. Bulent Cetindag, MD, Abraham Sayon, Chad Gonczy, MD, Imran Hassan, MD

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

Laparoscopic disposable instrument have been added to the cost of laparoscopic procedures. Safe and easily applicable modifications of these may help reduce cost.

We have start using vicryl ties instead of endoloops by using this technique. Two slip-knots is thrown around first assistants finger or around an instrument. The loop is grasped with a blunt grasper, passed through the small diameter port and placed around the tissue that planned to be tied and the knot is slipped and ttied around teh tissue and another instrument tie is thrown to lock.

On teaching module it take avarage of 90 seconds to apply this tie and costs only 87 cents much less than the endoloop. Simple safe modifications like this may help reduce the cost of laparoscopic surgery without comprimising safety and does noyt require advance skills to apply.

Session: Poster Presentation

Program Number: P376

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