Effect of Laparoscopic Surgery on Surgeons’ Health

A lack of understanding the ergonomics of laparoscopic surgery has a potential to pose health problems for the surgeons. This study was planned to asses the prevalence of ergonomic problems associated with laparoscopy. Questionnaires designed to asses the frequency and degree of physical discomfort practicing surgeons during laparoscopy were evaluated in 210 cases.The average age of surgeons was 48.2 years(28-65), 31.5% of them play any racket sports.Most of them (79.5%) use single monitors and can’t alter the height of the monitor(85.2%).The camera is usually held by assistant surgeon(71.2%).The answer for number of operative/advanced laparoscopic procedures per months were as follow:1-5(35.8%), 6-10(38.5%),11-15(17.5%) and more than 15 (8.2%).The following problems were experienced during or after performing laparoscopic procedure:eye strain(63.9%), neck ache (58.5%),upper back pain(55.2%), lower back pain (52.1%), numbness or tingling in the palm or fingers (51.1%), wrist pain (32.2%), varicose veins (34.2%)
Authors conclude; surgeons performing laparoscopy have ergonomic problems: eye strain, neck ache, upper or lower back pain, numbness or tingling in the palm or fingers.These findings indicate that laparoscopic surgical technique is more taxing on the surgeons.Designers should consider these facts for the newly developed equipments.

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