Does Visceral Fat Resection Give an Additional Benefit to Gastric Banding

Background Although the function of visceral fat has gradually become clear, the effect of visceral fat resection is still unknown. The aim of this study is to clarify the additional effect of visceral fat resection in an obese rat model of gastric banding. Methods Fourty male Zucker fatty rats were followed for 8 weeks after gastric banding with or without visceral fat resection, and their body weight change, cumulative food intake, and metabolic parameters were measured. Results The gastric banding rats either with or without visceral fat resection showed significant decreases in weight gain, cumulative food intake, and levels of metabolic parameters compared to control rats. There were no significant differences in weight gain and cumulative food intake between gastric banding with and without visceral fat resection. However, gastric banding with visceral fat resection induced lower tendency of plasma levels of free fatty acid and TNF-alpha compared to gastric banding alone (P

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