Do Specimen Dimensions Effect Outcome in Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Baris D Yildiz. Ankara Numune Teaching Hospital

Introduction: Since its introduction sleeve gastrectomy has become the most commonly performed resection for obesity. Percent excess weight loss is the major determinant of outcome in obesity surgery.

Aim: To analyze if the dimensions of the gastric specimen has effect on percent excess weight loss in sleeve gastrectomy.

Patients and Methods: 41 patients who had sleeve gastrectomy by the same surgeon between 2012 and 2014 were followed prospectively. Dimensions of surgical pathology specimens were measured as long axis, short axis and thickness. A score is derived by multiplying these dimensions. Patients were called in for follow up and percent excess weight losses are measured.

Resuts: Lower percent excess weight losses were noted with lower dimension scores.

Conclusion: Higher dimension score might mean removal of more ghrelin producing tissue thus more effective induction of satiety.

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