Direct Access to the Abdominal Cavity and Avoidance of Facial Closure with Bladeless Optical Trocar System

Background: Direct access under visualization to the abdominal cavity is becoming more popular and new systems are being introduced. The authors summarize their experience on the safety of the ethicon endopath bladeless trocar system.

Materials and Methods: 528 procedures (481 Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, 28 Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass, 19 Laparoscopic Nissens Fundoplication) were performed with the Endopath optical bladeless trocar system between 2005 and june 2008. Total of 1678 ports were placed. No facial closures were performed.

Results: Mean followup was 11 months, %82 of the patients were available for followup. No abdominal organ or vascular injuries have been encountered during the procedures. No internal herniation or symptom resembling intrabdominal adhesion formation was seen. Only 1 port side herniation was encountered. %0.05, only 1 port site bleeding was encountered %0.05. No other access site related complications were encountered.

Conclusion: Peritoneal access with the Endopath Optical Bladeless trocar system yielded excellent results in our series for the prevention of access site related complications. Althoug these results are yet to be confirmed by other researchers, we believe that bladeless access systems are safe and effective for the prevention of complications..

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