Development of a Rotatable Rectoscope with Sidewall Opening and Embedded LED Lights for Transanal Surgery

KwangGi Kim, PhD, JunHwa Lee, PhD, SangBong Lee, MS, HeonSoo Shin, MS, DaeKyung Sohn, MD. National Cancer Center in KOREA

Several commercial instruments have been developed and clinically used for transanal surgery or transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM). They are usually equipped with one irrotational rectoscope tube which has a slant opening at one end which seems more suitable for surgery on the deep part of the rectum. In this study, a novel rotatable rectoscope for transanal surgery and TEM was developed. It is equipped with two rotatable rectoscope tubes which have an opening on the sidewall and an LED lighting system. The sidewall opening can provide an easy access to surgical sites on the rectum which are located in not only mid-rectum but also near the anal canal. Furthermore, a surgeon may directly access the surgical site with fingers through the opening. The inner and outer tubes can rotate in the same or opposite direction depending on the rotational direction (counterclockwise or clockwise). The opening can be opened and closed by rotating tubes in the opposite direction. With the opening closed to prevent potential damage to the tissue, the circumferential position of the opening can easily be changed by rotating tubes together in the same direction. Further, an LED lighting system and a reflecting mirror can be embedded to maintain clear view of the surgical site.

Session: Emerging Technology Poster
Program Number: ETP040
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