CyberDome, novel 3-dimension hemispherical display system, improves procedures of laparoscopic surgery

(Background) Despite of current advances with technology associated with laparoscopic surgery, laparoscopic surgeons still need a long experience to overcome the lack of depth perception on a 2-dimensional (2D) display. Although it was reported over two decades that 3-dimensional (3D) imaging provided depth perception and might improve laparoscopic procedures, 3D systems have not been widely used because subjects sometimes felt uncomfortable due to the heavy glasses or side effect, such as headache, and recognized poor quality in 3D images. Recently, we developed the novel 3D Dome-like display (3DD) system with a hemispherical screen, g CyberDomeh, which provides clear depth perception and high resolution with comfort and without side effect. (Methods) In the present study, 23 students at Kyushu University volunteered for the study. To evaluate the effect of 3DD system on depth perception and laparoscopic procedures compared with 2D system and a conventional 3D system using a plain display (3DP), we used 6 new tasks (Cognition-tasks, n = 9: motor-tasks; 3DD, n = 6-9; 2D, n = 8-12) and a conventional task, gsuturing and knot tyingh (n = 13). Execution time, errors, and flight path of forceps were analyzed. (Results) 3DD system significantly provided more fine depth perception and improved laparoscopic performance compared with 2D system. 3DD system also shortened the execution time and reduced number of errors in procedures of suturing and knot tying. In addition, 3DD system provided clearer depth perception than 3DP system. (Conclusion) The data suggest that 3DD system with CyberDome is a promising tool to provide the depth perception with high resolution to laparoscopic surgeons, leading to safety of laparoscopic surgery.

Session: Podium Presentation

Program Number: S075

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