CT Scans and Acute Appendicitis; A Five Year Analysis From a Rural, Teaching Hospital

INTRODUCTION: Studies conducted in urban centers examining the relationship between CT scans, negative appendectomies and appendiceal perforation are not applicable to rural centers due to higher proportion of older adults, difficult access and absence of management algorithms at most centers.
METHODS AND PROCEDURES: Retrospective analysis of all patients who underwent appendectomies from January 2000 to June 2005 at a tertiary community teaching hospital. Patients less than 5 years of age or who had an incidental or interval appendectomy were excluded. Diagnosis of perforated appendicitis was based on the final pathology report.
RESULTS: 445 patients were analyzed in 2 groups; those who underwent CT scans (N=241) and those who did not (N=204). Patients undergoing CT scans were significantly older (38 years vs. 26 years, P

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