Concomitant Adrenalectomy and Other Laparoscopic Interventions

Roxana Ganescu, MD, PhD, Sorin Paun, MD, PhD, Mihaela Vartic, MD, PhD, Mircea Beuran, MD, PhD, *Constantin Dumitrache, MD, PhD, Diana Paun, MD, PhD

Emergency Hospital Bucharest Romania, *National Institute of Endocrinology C.I.Parhon Bucharest Romania

Adrenalectomy is mostly a planed surgery but sometimes there are cases with associated pathology that need surgical correction.

Material and method: Among our 220 laparoscopic adrenalectomies we performed in 5 cases another concomitant laparoscopic surgery: 3 cases of gallstones, 1 ovarian cyst and 1 renal cyst although there were no acute pathology involved.

Results: We had 4 female patients and one male patient with a median age of 51,2 years old having an adrenal pathology of incidentaloma 3 cases, Conn syndrome 2 cases and 1 Cushing syndrome and we performed concomitant 3 cholecistectomies, 1 cyst evacuation for a renal cyst and one ovariectomy, all of them by laparoscopic approach. Average operating time was prolonged to 120 min comparing with our median time of 85 min for laparoscopic adrenalectomy itself. Postoperative hospital stay was similar to that for adrenalectomy itself ie 3,6 days and we counted no morbidity, mortality or recurrence till date.

Conclusion: Although there is no absolute indication for concomitant surgery when laparoscopic adrenalectomy is performed, in our cases besides prolongation of the operating time we counted no significant outcome.

Session: Poster Presentation

Program Number: P546

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