Comparison of Laparoscopic and Open Appendectomy: 5-year Single Center Experience

Ali Fuat Kaan Gok1, Yigit Soytas1, Sercan Yuksel1, Muhammed Ucuncu2, Mehmet Ilhan1, Hakan Yanar1, Kayihan Gunay1, Cemalettin Ertekin1. 1General Surgery, Istanbul Medical Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey, 2Arnavutkoy State Hospital

Introduction: Acute appendicitis is the most common cause of acute abdomen and a major part of the emergency surgical interventions. The aim of our study is to examine to laparoscopic or open appen- dectomy cases demographic data, length of stay and morbidity. Materials and methods: Between January 2008 June 2013 with the diagnosis of acute appendicitis in 1490 patients who underwent sur- gery were analyzed retrospectively. The data were analyzed with SPSS 16.0 software package.

Results: 546 laparoscopic cases (37 %), 944 cases open surgery (63%) underwent appendectomy procedure. Mean age was 31.4 years of laparoscopic surgery group, open surgery group was 33.7 years. 296 patients in the laparoscopic group (54 %) were male and 621 patients in open group (65 %) were male. the av- erage length of hospital stay was 1.5 days at laparoscopy group, 2.1 days at open surgery group. At laparoscopy group, the mean length of hospital stay were significantly shorter than the open surgery group (p:0,003). 25 patients (4 %) at Laparoscopy group, 43 patients (4 %) at the open surgery group that extends the length of stay or requiring re-hospitalization morbidity (superficial sur- gical site infection and/or deep surgical site infection) were observed. There was no statistically significant difference between the two groups

Conclusion: Laparoscopic surgery is preferred in terms of pa- tient comfort and earlier return to work. Between the open surgery, and laparoscopic surgery, in terms of length of stay and wound infection, was shown to be statistically significant dif- ference in favor of laparoscopic surgery. With increased experience in laparoscopic surgery will increase for treatment of acute appendicitis. 

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