Comparative Study of Laparoscopic Versus Open Appendectomy At a Tertiary Care Hospital in Pakistan

Abdul Razaque Shaikh , Ahmed Khan Sangrasi and Basant Kumar
Liaquat Universty of Medical Health & sciences Jamshoro Pakistan
INTRODUCTION : Open appendectomy is the most common and most popular operation in Pakistan. There are few studies from the third world countries to compare the Open appendectomy (OA) with Laparoscopic appendectomy (LA).The aim of study was to compare the postoperative outcome of LA with OA in terms of operating time , hospital stay , postoperative morbidity and time to return to normal activity.
METHODS AND PROCEDURES : This prospective comparative study was carried out at surgical department of Liaquat Universty of Medical Health & sciences Jamshoro Pakistan from January 2006 to Decmber 2007 . There were 100 case of clinically diagnosed acute appendicitis between the age of 15-45 years .Patients with mass right iliac fossa and female with history of amenorrhoea were not include in the study. All the cases were randomly allocated two groups., 50 in OA and 50 in LA.
RESULTS: There were 69 males and 39 females. Operating time was 55.3 + 13.9 minutes in LA and 30.2 + 11.8 minutes on OA. Hospital stay was 1.40 + 0.49 days in LA and 3.58 + 0.99 days in OA. Return to normal activity was 3.58 + 0.99 days in LA and 19.54 + 2.82 days in OA. Requirement to parenteral analgesics were 1.08 + 0.59(1 – 3) doses in LA and 1.51 + 0.65(2 – 5) doses in OA. Vomiting , paralytic ileus and wound infection were decreased in LA than OA
CONCLUSION : LA is an alternative to OA due to short hospital stay ,decreased analgesic requirement ,lower incidence of postoperative complications and early return to normal activity , where as the OA is associated with less operating time

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