Comparative Analysis of the Optical Characteristics of a Fixed-Angle, Flexible-tip, and Variable-view Laparoscope

Objective: Standard rigid laparoscopes have a fixed-angle of view and flexible-tip laparoscopes require external deflection of the tip to alter the viewing angle; therefore requiring additional room for maneuverability in restricted spaces. The purpose of this study is to compare the optical properties and characteristics of fixed-angled laparoscopes and an externally deflectable, flexible-tip laparoscope to an internally deflectable, variable-view laparoscope.
Methods: A forward-viewing (0-degree), forward-oblique (30-degree) and flexible-tip laparoscope (LTF-Type V3, Olympus) were compared to a variable-view, internally deflectable laparoscope (EndoCameleon™, Karl Storz Endoscopy). Quantitative comparisons of optical properties were evaluated at 3 cm from a scaled target (Table). Subsequently, 17 medical personnel [surgery attendings (n=3), medical students (n=5), surgery residents (n=9)] utilized a Likert scale [1-lowest, 5-highest) to evaluate image size, image clarity (25%/100% light intensity) and image border, color reproduction and close-up (3 cm from target) and distant (10 cm from target) focus in an inanimate abdominopelvic model (Pacific Research Laboratories, Vashon, WA). The ease and range of distal tip deflection was compared between the flexible-tip and internally deflectable, variable-view laparoscope. Data are given as means. Statistical significance (p

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