Combined laparoscopic right colectomy and low anterior resection with intracorporeal anastomosis

Francesco Stipa, MD, PhD, FACS, Emanuele Soricelli, MD, Antonio Burza, MD, Rosanna Curinga, MD, Piero Delle Site, MD, Ettore Santini, MD

Department of Surgery, Colorectal Surgical Unit San Giovanni Hospital, Rome, Italy

The video shows the case of a 60 years old female affected by two synchronous adenocarcinoma of the cecum and of the rectum. She is submitted to a laparoscopic right colectomy and low anterior resection in the same surgical procedure. Both resection and the anastomosis are intracorporeal; the first anastomosis is a side-to-side ileo-colic with linear stapler, while the second is a lateral-to-end colo-rectal with a 31 mm circular stapler, placing the anvil intrabdominally through one of the trocar incisions and introducing it in the descending colon through a colotomy.

Session: Video ChannelDay 2

Program Number: V088

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