Can Sacral Neuromodulation for Faecal Incontinence Improve Vaginal and Sexual Symptoms?

Naveed Altaf, MRCS, Tim Maheswaran, Anil Reddy, MD, FRCS


Introduction – We aim to assess the improvement of vaginal and sexual symptoms following sacral nerve stimulation, by using an online patient satisfaction questionnaire (EPAQ).

Methods – A prospectively collected data on patients who had permanent sacral nerve implant for faecal incontinence was analysed. EPAQ, which is a validated online patient satisfaction tool, was used to assess the efficacy of treatment. Domains assessed included vaginal symptoms – pain & sensation, prolapse, quality of life; sexual symptoms – urinary, bowel, vaginal, dyspareunia and general sex life.

Results – 22 female patients with mean age of 56 years underwent SNS. 5(23%) had only faecal incontinence and 17 (77%) had predominant overactive bladder symptoms with some degree of faecal incontinence. 19 (86%) patients completed the questionnaire following permanent insertion of the implant. Following permanent SNS implant, 69% reported improvement in pain & sensation and 23% reported worsening of symptoms. prolapse related symptoms showed a mean improvement of 62%, improvement in quality of life (mean improvement 60%).5 out of 6 patients (83%) reported an improvement in dyspareunia (mean improvement 73%) and 1 patient (17%) reported worsening of symptoms. 10 out of 13 patients (77%) reported improvement in general sex life.

Conclusion – Even though a small cohort, our results have shown that SNS although was primarily indicated for faecal incontinence and overactive bladder symptoms, have shown improvement in sexual and vaginal symptoms.

Session: Poster Presentation

Program Number: P066

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