Better Performance of Laparoscopic Simulator Tasks with High Definition Camera Technology: A Pilot Study

Background: The availability of a High Definition (HD) laparoscopic camera improves image quality, however whether this translates into improved performance compared to a standard camera (SD) is not known. We investigated whether performance in a laparoscopic simulator would be affected by the use of a HD camera.
Methods: 5 subjects (2 surgical residents and 3 laparoscopic fellows) performed the 5 FLS tasks (peg transfer, pattern cut, endoloop, intracorporeal and extracorporeal stitch) and a cannulation task in the Pro-MIS simulator, both with a standard laparoscopic camera (Karl Storz, 720X480 pixels, 4:3 screen) and a high definition camera (Karl Storz, Image 1 full HD 1920X1080 pixels, 16:9 screen). Camera system order was assigned randomly. For each task, standard FLS score as well as motion analysis metrics (instrument smoothness and path length) were recorded. Performance with the HD and SD systems were compared using Wilcoxon test. Data are expressed as median (IQR), and p

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