Benefits of Post-operative Physiotherapeutic Rehabilitation in Patients with Sportsperson’s Hernia – Quality of Life Survey

P C Munipalle, M Adamson, T Garud, Y K S Viswanath

BMI Woodlands Physiotherapy Unit & South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Middlesbrough, UK

Patient satisfaction following multi-modality treatment for sportsperson’s hernia is vital for ensuring completeness of rehabilitation and return to normal activities. The patient’s expectations of the role of post-operative physiotherapy (POP) and their subjective experiences play a vital part in strengthening its role in the rehabilitation. We believe there is a lack of information in this field. The aim of the current study is to identify the patients’ expectations and experiences with post-operative physiotherapy following surgical repair of sportsperson’s hernia

A prospective questionnaire based study was conducted among consecutive patients undergoing treatment for sportsperson’s hernia at a specialist hernia centre over a period of 6 months. The improvement in their Quality of Life (QOL) was the main end point. All the patients studied were provided with standardised protocol based POP.

Fourteen patients were included in the study. Three patients expected POP, 5 did not expect POP and 6 were unsure about this. All of them found the POP to be beneficial to very beneficial. On a pain score scale of 1-100, significant improvement was reported in the study on comparing pre- and post-treatment scores (median values 10 vs. 50; p<0.001, Wilcoxon signed rank test).

Addition of POP enhances patients’ satisfaction with the treatment and strengthens the rehabilitation programme. Further multicentre studies are needed to optimise the protocol for POP so as to enable comparison between the results across various treatment methods and centres specialising in the management of sportsperson’s hernia.

Session: Poster Presentation

Program Number: P288

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