Actinomycotic Meckel’s Diverticulitis – a Case Study and Review of Literature

Introduction: Actinomycosis is a rare inflammatory disease caused by anaerobic bacterium that can affect the abdomen, chest and neck. Meckel’s diverticulum is the most common congenital abnormality of the gastro intestinal tract. We present a rare case of Meckel’s diverticulitis due to actinomycosis and review of literature.

Methods: 37 yr old diabetic lady presented with 3 day history of central abdominal pain associated with non-bilious vomiting. She underwent colonoscopic examination for bleeding per rectum 1 year prior to this admission, which was normal. On examination, Vital signs were stable. Abdominal examination revealed central abdominal tenderness, laboratory tests revealed white blood cell count of 21,000 and CT scan of abdomen revealed a non-contrast filled 5×3 cm mass in central abdomen.

Results: Diagnostic laparoscopy revealed inflammatory mass and exploratory laparotomy confirmed perforated Meckel’s diverticulitis. Meckel’s diverticulectomy with segmental small bowel resection, stapled anastomosis and appendectomy was performed. Cultures grew actinomycosis and Pathology revealed acute supportive Meckel’s diverticulitis with actinomycosis. She was treated with penicillin and made an uneventful recovery.

Conclusion: Meckel’s diverticulitis due to actinomycosis is rare, After extensive literature search, It appears to be the first case report in modern literature.

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