A novel laparoscopic trainer box of the size same as Letter-size

Hiroshi Kawahira, MD, PhD1, Naoyuki Hanari, MD, PhD2, Hisashi Gunji, MD, PhD2, Ryoichi Nakamura, PhD1, Shinichi Okazumi3, Hisahiro Matsubara, MD, PhD2. 1Center for Frontier Engineering, Chiba University, 2Department of Frontier Surgery, Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine, 3Department of Surgery, Toho University Medical Center Sakura Hospital


Daily practice is important to master basic and advanced skills for laparoscopic surgery. FLS Trainer System (VTI Medical Inc, MA) was developed in collaboration with SAGES for surgical residents and practicing surgeons in the US. We developed a novel laparoscopic trainer box developed with a Japanese industry for more reasonable price and less space occupancy.


We set development objectives as follows: portable, the size same as iPad, reasonable price less than 300 US dollars. We recruited industries at the matching meeting held by the Osaka Chamber Commerce and Industry in Japan on December 2012. We met all of the industries which are interested in to produce a new trainer box, and one of the industries were chosen on March 2013. Our trainer box system was composed of a training box made of acrylic plate, Hi-Vision web camera as a scope, laptop PC as a monitor. A suturing pad is included in the trainer kit.


We had designed and developed several trials and began to sell our trainer box from November 2013. The price is about 300 US dollars. Our trainer box proved movable during training, because of the size. We attached lubber stoppers to take measures. About 40 trainer boxes have been sold in Japan. Reputations from the users are mostly favorable.


We have developed a new portable trainer box with reasonable price. We set up the development objectives and in collaboration with an industry for a effective trainer box.

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