A Novel Active Overtube for Endoscopic Treatment of Colorectal Tumors

Kazuhiko Shinohara MD, Gennai Yanagisawa MSc
School of Bionics, Tokyo University of Technology, Tokyo, Japan
Objective: Endoscopic resection for early colorectal tumors is minimally invasive treatment, however it requires long operation times and skillfulness to complete the en-bloc resection in safety. This weak point is caused by the limited access route and manipulating range of the endoscope. To compensate these points, we developed an advanced type of active overtube which can provide adequate counter-traction and multi-directional endoscopic view during the endoscopic resection.
Description of the device: This overtube is equipped with one main active channel and one auxiliary channel for the suction. The diameter of this overtube is 20mm and conventional flexible endoscopes are adaptable through this overtube. Many kinds of treatment devices such as a snare, forceps and electrocautery can be used through the main active channel of this overtube. Distal end of active channel can be bent freely with these treatment devices.
Preliminary results: From a preclinical experiment in a mock-up rectum, sufficient coordinative motion of the devices through this overtube and flexible endoscope was confirmed. Moreover, resecting procedure in the rectum can be observed from oral side of the lesion by bending the tip of the endoscope with this overtube.
Conclusion: Preclinical work has demonstrated the feasibility and usefulness of this active overtube for endoscopic resection of colorectal cancer were confirmed in this study. Additionally, the concept of this active overtube is applicable to single port laparoscopic surgery and NOTES.

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