A Hybrid Technique for Ventral Hernia Repair: Open Fascial Closure with Laparoscopic Assisted Mesh Placement

Vadim Meytes, DO, Aaron Lee, DO, Ryan Pinnell, DO, Yulia Rivelis, Michael Timoney, MD. NYU Lutheran Medical Center

Introduction: A ventral or incisional hernia is one of the most common issues that general surgeons face annually in the U.S. At our institution, one surgeon has been performing a unique repair of intermediate-sized hernias by combining open and laparoscopic approach over the last several years.

Presentation: Here we present a retrospective case series of 19 patients that underwent a limited incision primary hernia repair followed by laparoscopically-assisted underlay mesh placement. End results analyzed intra-operative complications, length of stay, recurrence rate, seroma formation, and skin infection.

Results: Of the 19 patients, 1 had an early recurrence of the hernia.  3 patients had an early surgical site infection noticed during the 1 week follow-up appointment. None of the patients developed seromas.

Conclusion: A hybrid technique is a safe alternative method when repairing intermediate-sized ventral hernias, with a low recurrence rate and minimal post-procedural pain.

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