A Diary of a Laparoscopic Surgeon in Africa

Mohamed Seleem, dr. Cairo university.

BACKGROUND: EGYPT feels the importance of giving support and building partnership with Nile basin Countries in their development path especially the medical field

ACTIVITIES: the author was a team member 10 health convoys6 surgeons of different specialties – These convoys went to Nile Basin Countries All the convoys were on volunteering basis they had educational ,surgical and social activities from July 2011 to October 2012 more than 300 different operations were performed 2 basic laparoscopic courses were made we used to send all the needed equipment to our African destination:-in Sudan "university of Khartoum" and in Kampala "Malago Hospital" 26 doctors were trained conclusion: -Nile Basin countries are in bad need of medical educational and health care support this support should be structured ,sustainable and effective -EGYPT can be a hub for tri-partnership between western countries, Egypt and Africa

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