Digital Poster Upload


Please create your poster as a single 48″ x 48″ PowerPoint slide and then export it from PowerPoint to JPG. Set the DPI to 72 to keep the file size low. Your poster should end up as a 1 to 3 megabyte image file. Upload that image using the form below.

You may replace your poster as often as desired.

Please remember that the Poster Presenter must also register for the SAGES Meeting and bring a physical copy of the poster to hang.

Upload Instructions:

  1. Click the blue button that says “Click here to select files for upload” in the form below.
  2. Navigate your local computer to find the poster JPG file you created and select it.
  3. You should see a grey bar with your file name. Click the green Submit Poster button to upload the file.
  4. After clicking the green button, it will start uploading to SAGES.  WAIT FOR THE PROGRESS BAR TO REACH 100% and the screen to refresh before doing anything else.

After the file uploads to us, your screen will refresh and you should see a thumbnail of the file below.

The poster upload form could not be retrieved because a poster was not specified.
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