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Intubation by looping

Intubation by looping. A. The sigmoidoscope is advanced to the distal sigmoid. B. Counterclockwise torquing during further advancement loops the proximal sigmoid in front of the distal sigmoid. C. The looped sigmoid flattens the angle at the distal-descen

Intubation by elongation

Intubation by elongation. A. The sigmoidoscope is advanced to the proximal sigmoid. B. Severe tip deflection prevents further advancement resulting in sigmoid elongation. C. Clockwise torquing and shaft withdrawal accordionizes the sigmoid.

Manual compression proximal and distal

Manual compression proximal and distal to a selected segment allow insufflation. The lesion is visualized both by the endoscopist and by transillumination. (Reprinted with permission from Scott Conner CEH, Dawson DL. Operative Anatomy. Philadelphia: Lipp

anastomos is performed in an extracorporeal manner

Terminal ileum, cecum, ascending and proximal transverse colon eviscerated through the small midline incision. Resection and anastomosis will be performed in an extracorporeal manner. The anastomosis is then returned to the abdominal cavity.

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