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left preperitoneal inguinal space

This is the view of the anatomy of the preperitoneal space in the left inguinal area

Method of mesh fixation

Method of mesh fixation with a suture passer. Use the suture passer to introduce the suture through the musculofascial layer, the mesh, and then back out through all layers as a mattress suture. Use four to eight mattress sutures to anchor the mesh, depen

Cutting the mesh prosthesis

Cut the mesh prosthesis to the desired size and mark its intended location on the anterior abdominal wall. The shaded area indicates the approximate outline of the ventral hernia, and the mesh is indicated by crosshatches. The mesh should extend beyond th

Mesh stapled in place using TEP approach

Mesh stapled in place using TEP approach.

Closing peritoneal flap over the mesh with staples

Closing peritoneal flap over the mesh with staples.

Staple fixation of mesh

Staple fixation of mesh. Beware! The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve and the genital branch of the genitofemoral nerve usually cross under the iliopubic tract lateral to the cord structures. Rarely, however, these nerves have been reported to enter the th

Placement of Mesh

Placement of mesh. A large sheet of mesh is laid over the entire floor, covering the cord and all myopectineal orifices.

ePTFE Mesh

ePTFE mesh following laparoscopic repair of hernia defect

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