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laparoscopic left hepatectomy for large HCC

specimen from laparoscopic left hepatectomy for large hepatoma,9 cm diameter

Laparoscopic left hepatectomy for Hepatoma 9 cm in left liver

Male patient 61 year old present with abdominal discomfort and epigastric mass, AFP raising about 100,000; CT shown solitary liver mass 9 cm in left liver. Laparoscopic left hepatectomy done without complication but 2 months later right liver recurrence h

laparoscopic right colectomy for bulky cancer of right colon, NCI Thai

Female 41 year old present with anemia and right abdominal mass.Investigation found bulky right colonic cancer with 3 cm liver metastasis at S6 and left ovarian cystic tumor 6 cm.Laparoscopic assisted right colectomy and open left SO and hand assisted par

Surgical outcome of laparoscopic surgery for gastrointestinal cancer in NCI Thailand

From Feb 2010 to Dec 2011, 125 patients with cancer of GI underwent laparoscopic surgery , laparoscopic colorectal surgery for 105 cases, laparoscopic liver resection for 12 cases, laparoscopic gastrectomy for 10 cases. We had no surgical mortality. Morbi

Jejunal Diverticulitis

This is an image of jejunal diverticulitis that presented as a microperforation and peritonitis

Acute Appendicitis

This is a laparoscopic view of acute appendicitis

Trocar site hernia

This is a picture of an incarcerated trocar site hernia with obstructed small bowel. This was a 10 mm trocar placed lateral to the rectus muscle with superficial fascial closure. See video at

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