Image Tag: Appendectomy

Laparoscopic Appearance Of Appendix

Laparoscopic appendectomy has replaced the conventional appendectomy in a big way. The image shows an elongated and engorged appendix.

Acute Appendicitis

This is a laparoscopic view of acute appendicitis

Trocar sites for laparoscopic appendectomy

Trocar sites for laparoscopic appendectomy (alternate placement) with two monitors. Surgeon stands to the left, assistant may need to stand to the left.

Trocar placement

Trocar placement for laparoscopic appendectomy. The laparoscope is inserted through an umbilical port. A second trocar (5 or 10 mm) is placed in the suprapubic region and used to elevate the appendix. The third trocar is the working port and should be pla

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