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Typical Mixed Gallstones

Post Laparoscopic cholecystectomy specimen opened to display the typical colour of the mixed gallstones but predominantly cholesterol in content

Do all cholangiograms prevent bile duct injury?

The image on the left demonstrates a normal intraoperative cholangiogram performed early in the dissection. Subsequent dissecton resulted in hemorrhage and clip placement across the CBD as shown on the ERCP

hepatocystic duct

This picture and cholangiogram demonstrate a duct from the liver to the cystic duct. If transected and not recognized, this a potential cause of bile leak

Gangrenous Cholcystitis

Acute gangrenous cholecystitis in an 81 y.o. male.

Gangrenous Cholecystitis

Acute Gangrenous cholecystitis in an 81 y.o.male

Critical View of Safety 2

Intraoperative image depicting the posterior angle of the Critical View of Safety

Critical View of Safety

Intraoperative image depicting the Critical View of Safety.

Accessory Right Hepatic Duct

An incidental accessory right hepatic duct seen on intraoperative cholangiogram.

Giant Common Duct Stones 1

Giant Common Duct Stones

Critical View

Demonstration of the critical view following dissection of the triangle of Calot

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