SMART Course Videos


Overview of the SAGES SMART Program

Economics of ERP – Speaking the Language of Administrators

Who are the Stakeholders and What Are Their Roles?

Really Ready for Discharge? Preventing Readmissions

Measuring Success – Which Outcomes Are Meaningful?

Preparing for the Worst- Predicting Who Will Fail in a Multimodal Enhanced Recovery Pathway

Impact of Adherence to Care Pathway Interventions on Recovery Following Bowel Resection Within an Established Enhanced Recovery Program.

ERP for Foregut Surgery

Advances in ERP for Bariatric Surgery



Emergency Visits and Readmissions in an Enhanced Recovery Pathway Opportunity for Quality Improvement



Making the Business Case for Your ERP program: Spending Money to Save Money?

The Role Of The Nurse

The ERAS Society and the interactive audit system

Implementations of ERPs in Swiss Centers

Implementation of ERP at a US Center

The View From A Department Chair

Making the 23-hour colectomy a reality

My ERP for Hepatobiliary Surgery – Liver and Pancreas

My ERP for Upper GI surgery – Esophagectomy

ERPs in Bariatric Surgery – The 23 Hour Sleeve Gastrectomy

Getting your team together and reaching consensus: Overcoming the obstacles


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