Laparoscopic surgery

Both laparoscopic surgery and ERPs result in improved outcomes when used in isolation. But additional benefits are seen when they are combined. In a large multicenter trial where patients were allocated to four groups combining surgical approach (laparoscopic or open) and perioperative care (enhanced recovery or standard), the combination of MIS and ERP resulted in the shortest hospital stay (1). Laparoscopy was a stronger influence on inflammation, reduced hospital stay and morbidity, with both laparoscopy and ERP independent predictors of faster colonic transit, earlier time to tolerance of solid food and defecation (2). Cochrane review of 3 RCTs and 6 case controlled studies found that the addition of an ERP to laparoscopic colectomy reduced length of stay without affecting morbidity (3). In a large multicenter registry, both laparoscopic surgery and increasing adherence with ERP elements were associated with shorter hospital stay and reduced complications (4).

For more information, see Chapter 21: Why Add an ERP to a Laparoscopic Case: The Colorectal Experience in The SAGES / ERAS® Society Manual of Enhanced Recovery Programs for Gastrointestinal Surgery

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