Attend SAGES Lectures at the ACS Clinical Congress

Make sure to attend the following lectures led by SAGES members next week October 16th through October 20th at the ACS Clinical Congress!

PS001: Maintenance of Competency for the Military Surgeon
SSC03: Surgical Endoscopy: Essential Skills for the Gastrointestinal Surgeon
PS106: Surgical Management of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding
SSC05: Endoscopic Bariatric Techniques: Skills and Strategies for Mastering Primary Endoluminal Procedures and Managing Complications
PS121: Recurrent Inguinal Hernias
PS123: Latin America Day (Spanish)
PS125: The Gender Gap in Surgery
PS201: Cholecystectomy: Choosing the Right Patient for Surgery
PS205: The Role of Simulation in Training, Education and Maintenance of Certification in Pediatric Surgery
PS208: Controversies in Barrett’s Esophagus
PS209: Incisional Hernia: Prevention and Treatment
PS210: Introducing New Technologies in the Operating Room
PS233: Is It Time for Me to Retire as a Surgeon?
PS237: Social Media and Surgical Education
ME113: The Difficult Gallbladder: Tricks of the Trade
PS300: Cholecystectomy 2016: Achieving a Culture of Safety
PS311: Non-Bariatric Surgery in the Morbidly Obese
PS323: Abdominal Wall Reconstruction: Past, Present and Future
PS323: Abdominal Wall Reconstruction: Past, Present and Future
PS334: Emergency Complications after Bariatric Surgery
PS400: Ten Hot Topics in General Surgery
PS406: Robotic Gastrointestinal Surgery: Help or Hype?
PS408: Minimally Invasive Inguinal Hernia Repair: Current Indications and Techniques

You can search for these and additional sessions taking place at ACS at

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