SAGES Member Vote on Bylaws Changes

BY-LAWS REVISION: By-Laws revisions are posted below. The changes were approved by the Board of Governors in November 2013. Please use the form below to accept or reject the proposed changes. Bylaws changes were circulated to the full membership 60 days prior to the annual meeting, and discussed at the annual business meeting in Salt Lake City.

1) Change Affiliated Health to Allied Health in Article XIII (membership) and throughout bylaws.

2) Article XIII

Section 7. Candidate Members

B2 – Change “A surgeon who has completed an accredited surgical education program and is awaiting Board certification” to “…and is in active process of certification as approved by the American Board of Surgery.”

3) Add Humanitarian Committee to the list of standing committees in Article XVI.

The Humanitarian Committee shall consist of at least five members. The Committee shall promote national and international medical humanitarian ventures of interest to its members, and facilitate exchange of information. This group shall support the efforts of SAGES, including but not limited to efforts in local communities during the annual scientific meeting.

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