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Reduced Port Laparoscopic Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass with Manual Gastrojejunostomy

Giovanni Dapri, MD, PhD, FACS. European School of Laparoscopic Surgery, Brussels, Belgium. Background: The philosophy to reduce the invasiveness of minimal access surgery invested the last years of general laparoscopy. Single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) has been reported to be feasible and safe. Reduced port laparoscopic surgery (RPLS) consists in performing conventional multiport laparoscopic procedures […]

Technical and Technological innovations of pure laparoscopic hepatectomy, especially for the tumor located anterosuperior and posterior segments.

Tetsuo Ikeda, MD, PhD, M Tomikawa, MD, PhD, T Iguchi, MD, PhD, Y Yamashita, MD, PhD, T Ikegami, MD, PhD, H Uchiyama, MD, PhD, A Oshita, MD, PhD, T Yoshizumi, MD, PhD, Y Soejima, MD, PhD, M Ninomiya, K Shirabe, MD, PhD, Y Maehara. Tel:092-642-5462Fax:092-642-5482Kyushu University. Background: Laparoscopic liver resection is a common treatment for […]

Management of Concurrent Gastric and Esophageal Rupture Following Balloon Dilatation for Sleeve Gastrectomy Stenosis

Zhamak Khorgami, MD, FICS, Chi Zhang, MD, Bassan J Allan, MD, MBA, Nestor F De La Cruz-Munoz, MD, FACS, FASMBS. Division of Laparoendoscopic and Bariatric Surgery, The DeWitt Daughtry Family Department of Surgery, Miller School of Medicine-University of Miami. The patient was a 32 y/o obese AA female presented for an elective EGD and dilatation […]

Treatment of Esophageal Perforation After Heller Myotomy

Martin A Berducci, MD, Jorge Nefa, MD, Pablo A Gomez, MD, Arnoldo Castro, MD, Mario A Masrur, MD, Santiago Horgan, MD, Pablo E Omelanczuk, MD. Hospital Italiano de Mendoza, Argentina.  Laparoscopic myotomy is today the gold-standard for the treatment of esophagea; achalasia. Post operative esophageal mucosal leaks, can be treated using minimal invasive techniques in […]

Small bowel obstruction secondary to gastric band erosion and migration to jejunum

Matt Strickland, MD, BASc, Dan Abramowitz, MD, John Hagen, MD, David Starr, MD. University of Toronto. This video illustrates the management of a partial small bowel obstruction secondary to gastric band erosion and migration to the jejunum. This is a rare complication of laparoscopic gastric banding. A 53-year-old female presented five years after insertion of […]

Recurrent intussusception- laparoscopic conversion of loop gastrojejunostomy with side to side enterostomy to Roux Y configuration

Daniel L Moon, MD. Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center. Intussusception is an uncommon but recognized complication of Roux en Y gastrojejunostomy. One of the theories for it is disruption of the migrating motor complex. This patient is peculiar in that she had persistent episodes of retrograde intussusceptions over the course of a year in […]

Loop-and-let-go technique for colonic obstructing lipoma and Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery for rectal neoplasm with sentinel lymph node biopsy.

Alberto Arezzo, MD, Mauro Verra, MD, Alessandro Salvai, MD, Marco A Bonino, MD, Simone Arolfo, MD, Mario Morino, MD. Department of Surgical Sciences, University of Torino. We present the case of a 77 year old woman who came to the emergency department complaining of bowel obstruction. After x-rays of the abdomen confirmed the presence of […]

Laparoscopic Treatment of Medial Arcuate Ligament Syndrome

Clayton C Petro, MD, Michael J Rosen, MD, Yuri W Novitsky, MD. University Hospitals Case Medical Center. Introduction:   A 48-year-old otherwise healthy female presented with “years” of worsening post-prandial abdominal pain associated with a gradual 45-lb weight loss. Her initial evaluation included an upper endoscopy that showed no obvious etiology of her symptoms. CTA […]

Robotic-assisted conversion from gastric band to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

Raquel Gonzalezh-Heredia, Md, PhD, Mario Masrur, MD, Enrique Elli, MD, FACS. University of Illinois at Chicago. Gastric band is one of the bariactric procedures that are assiciated to high rate of complications. This video highlights the technical details of a robotic revisional Roux-en-Y gastric bypass on a previous failed gastric lap band.

Laparoscopic Resection of a Duodenal Mass

Clayton Petro, MD, Yuri W Novitsky, MD. University Hospitals Case Medical Center.  Introduction:  62M with a history of early satiety, unintentional weight loss and reflux found to have a 3cm sessile polyp in the second portion of the duodenum not involving the ampulla.  Pathology reveals an adenomatous polyp. Methods:  The plan was for endoscopically guided […]

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