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The powered Echelon Flex Endopath Stapler (EFPE) leads to less postoperative hemorrhage following laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass; evidence for an unanticipated benefit from the powered staple device.

Darrell P Doucette, MD, John J Kelly, MD, Donald R Czerniach, MD, Philip A Cohen, MD, Richard A Perugini, MD. UMass Memorial Medical Center. Introduction/Background: Ethicon Endosurgery has introduced a powered endoscopic stapling device (Echelon Flex Powered Endopath-EFPE). The benefits of this device include ease of use for individuals with smaller hands, and minimization of […]

The efficacy and advantages of Laparoscopy-assisted gastrectomy in advanced gastric cancer

Liangang Ma, Dr, Hongqing Xi, Dr, Lin Chen, Dr. Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital. INTRODUCTION: To investigate the efficacy and advantages of laparoscopy-assisted radical gastrectomy (LAG) with D2 dissection of lymph nodes versus conventional open D2 gastrectomy (OG) in advanced gastric cancer. METHODS AND PROCEDURES: One hundred and twenty patients with advanced gastric cancer […]

A Comparison of Operative Time Outcomes in Laparoscopic and Open Procedures

Sara L Zettervall, MD, Richard Amdur, PhD, Khashayar Vaziri, MD, FACS. Department of Surgery, George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Washington, DC. INTRODUCTION: Prolonged operative time is often considered a drawback to laparoscopic surgery due to concerns for increased morbidity. There is limited data on the specific operative time (ORT) when the […]

Laparoscopic Management of Perforated Gastric Ulcers after Gastric Bypass with a combined Laparoscopic-Endoscopic Technique

Benjamin Clapp, MD. Providence Memorial Hospital. This video demonstrates the combined laparoscopic and endoscopic management of perforated ulcers after gastric bypass. The first segment shows a perforated ulcer at the gastrojejunostomy and the laparoscopic management with an omental patch. The second segment shows the management of an antecolic antegastric bypass with a perforated prepyloric ulcer. […]

Hospital Acquired Conditions After Bariatric Surgery: We Can Predict, But Can We Prevent?

Anne O Lidor, MD, MPH, Miloslawa Stem, MS, Erin Moran-Atkin, MD, Thomas H Magnuson, MD, Kimberley E Steele, MD, Hien Nguyen, MD, Michael A Schweitzer, MD. Department of Surgery, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Introduction: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) initiated a nonpayment policy for certain hospital acquired conditions (HACs) in 2008. […]

Minilaparoscopic Cholecystectomy Is Associated with a Lower Bile Duct Injury Rate a Sistematic Review

Diego L Lima, MD, Gildo O Passos Junior, MD, Juscielle S Barros, Ingrid L V. Rodrigues, Yukie C Konishi, Frederico W C. Silva, MD, Gustavo L Carvalho, PhD. University of Pernambuco, Faculty of Medical Sciences.  INTRODUCTION – Historically, the rate of bile duct injury (BDI) in the era of open cholecystectomy was approximately 0.2%. In […]

Two year prospective follow up of bowel function after cholecystectomy in 100 patients

Matthew Zapf, BA, Woody Denham, MD, Ermilo Barrera, MD, Chih E Wang, PhD, Zeeshan Butt, PhD, JoAnn Carbray, BS, John Linn, MD, Michael Ujiki, MD. NorthShore University HealthSystem.  Introduction: Bowel dysfunction after Laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) is a common issue, yet little has been described on its progression. By prospectively following patients for two years after […]

Management of Complicated Appendicitis: Is Laparo-endoscopic Single Site Surgery (less) a Safe Option?

Fernando Arias, MD, FACS, Natalia Cortes, MD, Marcos E Pozo, MD, Adolfo Torres, MD, Gabriel Herrera-Almario, MD. University Hospital Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota; Bogota, Colombia. INTRODUCTION: Laparoscopic appendectomy is becoming the mainstay of treatment for acute appendicitis. However it remains controversial in cases of complicated appendicitis due to conflicting data in the literature regarding […]

Innovative Approaches to Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: A Comparison of Outcomes for Single Incision Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Multi-port Robotic Cholecystectomy, and Single Site Robotic Cholecystectomy.

Robert J Aragon, MD, Cheryl Lin, MD, Tamas J Vidovszky, MD, FACS, Aaron D Carr, MD, Mohamed R Ali, MD, FACS. Department of Surgery, University of California, Davis.. INTRODUCTION: The past decade has witnessed the application of innovative approaches to laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC). At our institution, we have performed single incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy (SILC), multi-port […]

A Systematic Review of Synthetic and Biologic Materials for Abdominal Wall Reinforcement in Contaminated Fields

Lawrence Lee, MD, MSc, Juan Mata, MD, Tara Landry, MLIS, Kosar A Khwaja, MD, MBA, Melina C Vassiliou, MD, MEd, Gerald M Fried, MD, Liane S Feldman, MD. McGill University Health Centre. INTRODUCTION: Guidelines recommend the use of bioprosthetics for abdominal wall reinforcement in contaminated fields, but the evidence supporting the use of biologic over […]

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