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A Diary of a Laparoscopic Surgeon in Africa

Mohamed Seleem, dr. Cairo university. BACKGROUND: EGYPT feels the importance of giving support and building partnership with Nile basin Countries in their development path especially the medical field ACTIVITIES: the author was a team member 10 health convoys6 surgeons of different specialties – These convoys went to Nile Basin Countries All the convoys were on […]

Developing Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery in Mongolia

Katie M Wells, MD, Raymond R Price, MD, Orgoi Sergelen, MD, Byadran Lkhagvabayar, MD, Tsiiregzen Enkh-Amgalan, MD, Matthew D Price, Michael R Marohn, DO. Dept of Surg Health Sciences Univ of Mongolia; Nat’l Cancer Ctr of Mongolia; Songdo Hospital; Dept of Surg Ctr for Global Surg, Univ of Utah; Dept of Surg Intermountain Med Ctr; […]

A Procedural Cost Minimization Analysis for Hernia Repairs and Minor Procedures Between a United States Academic Institution and a Medical Mission to the Dominican Republic

Jaime A Cavallo, MD, MPHS, Jenny Ousley, BS, Christopher Barrett, MD, Sara Baalman, MA, Kyle Ward, DO, Margaret M Frisella, RN, Brent D Matthews, MD Section of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Department of Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri INTRODUCTION: Material supplies and medications constitute the greatest per capita costs for surgical missions […]

The role of laparoscopic surgery in developing countries: A review

Tiffany E Chao, MD, MPH, Jessica Opuku-Anane, MD, Lars Hagander, MD, Rebecca Maine, MD, John G Meara, MD, DMD, MBA Massachusetts General Hospital; Harvard Medical School Program in Global Surgery and Social Change, Children’s Hospital Boston, Lund University Faculty of Medicine, University of California San Francisco, Objective: Surgical conditions are an acknowledged global health problem […]

Local Adaptations Aids Establishment of Laparoscopic Surgery in a Semi-urban Nigerian Hospital

Adewale O Adisa, MBChB FWACS FMCSNig DMAS, Oladejo O Lawal, MBBS FMCSNig FWACS, Olukayode A Arowolo, MBBS FWACS, Olusegun I Alatise, MBChB FWACS. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria    Introduction: After several years of lagging behind due to several constraints, many general surgeons across Nigeria are now performing laparoscopic surgery. Many are however still concerned […]

Impact of Introduction of Laparoscopic Surgery On Management of Unresolved Intraabdominal Malignancies in a Semi-urban Nigerian Hospital

Adewale O Adisa, MBChB FWACS FMCSNig DMAS, Oladejo O Lawal, MBBS FMCSNig FWACS. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria    Introduction: With limited access to modern imaging techniques, intra-abdominal malignancies often pose diagnostic challenges to surgeons in poor resource settings. This article describes initial experience with laparoscopic surgery for advanced intra-abdominal malignancies in a Nigerian hospital.Methods […]

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