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A rare case of Hepatic Flexure Diverticulitis after pelvic laparoscopy and review of literature for management.

Aniket K Sakharpe, MD, MPH, Jakub Wilhelm, MD, Nida Mumtaz, BS, Abdul Badr, MD, Robert Bloch, MD, FACS, Leopoldo Baccaro, MD, George Ibrahim, MD. Drexel University and Easton Hospital. Diverticulosis commonly affects the geriatric patients, 10-15% of whom ultimately develop diverticulitis. Diverticulitis has many known complications, such as the formation of phlegmon, fistulas, bowel obstruction, […]

Portomesenteric Venous Thrombosis Following Major Colon and Rectal Surgery: Incidence and Risk Factors.

Kristin A Robinson, MD, Mark E O’Donnell, MD, David G Pearson, MD, Melanie E Odeleye, MD, Zachary Bodnar, MD, Kristen A Kalkbrenner, PAC, J. Scott Kriegshauser, MD, Tonia M Young-Fadok, MD. Mayo Clinic Hospital, Arizona. Introduction: Portomesenteric venous thrombosis (PMVT) is a rare and potentially fatal complication of abdominal surgery. Current risk factor stratification models […]

Single-fire Versus Double-fire Technique for Functional End-to-end Anastomosis: Does Size Matter?

Eric M Changchien, MD, Melinda Hawkins, MD, Nathan L Pace, MD, John A Griffin, MD. St Mark’s Hospital, Salt Lake City, Ut. Background: Traditionally, stapled side-to-side functional end-to-end anastomoses are fashioned with a linear stapler between two bowel limbs and closure of the subsequent common enterotomy using a thoracoabdominal (TA) stapler. The combination of transverse […]

Impact of the Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome On Early Discharge After Laparoscopic Segmental Colectomy

Bobby Johnson, MD, Ian M Paquette, MD, Bradley R Davis, MD. University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Introduction: There is increasing pressure to decrease length of stay (LOS) after major surgical procedures. Although laparoscopic colectomy has been shown to shorten LOS compared to open colectomy, not all patients experience equal benefit. Predictive factors for early […]

Short-term results of laparoscopic pelvic sidewall dissection for low rectal cancer

Masaaki Ito, Akihiro Kobayashi, Yusuke Nishizawa, Norio Saito. National Cancer Center Hospital East. Backgrounds: Lymph node metastasis in pelvic sidewall space was found in 15 to 20 % of T3 low rectal cancer and pelvic sidewall dissection was performed as a standard procedure in advanced low rectal cancer in Japan. The dissection was usually done […]

Plasma Levels of Human Chitinase 3-like 1 (chi3l1), a Proangiogenic Protein, Are Persistently Elevated During the First Month After Minimally Invasive Colorectal Cancer Resection

H.m.c Shantha Kumara, PhD, Hiromichi Miyagaki, MDPhD, Xiaohong Yan, PhD, Sonali A C. Hearth, BS, Elizabeth Myers, MD, Sahani De Silva, Vesna Cekic, RN, Richard L Whelan, MD. Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery, Department of Surgery, St Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, Suite 7B, 425 West, 59th Street, New York, NY 10019, USA;Department of Gastroenterological surgery, […]

Primary Anastomosis with Intraoperative Colonic Irrigation in generalized peritonitis due to Left colon cancer obstruction

Jin Woo Jung, MD, Jae Hwang Kim, MD, PhD, Sang Hun Jung, MD, PhD, So Hyun Kim, MD, PhD, Ji Yong Lim, MD, Mu Jung Roh. YeungNam University Medical Center. Introduction : In general, Hartmann’s procedure(HP) is considered as a treatment of choice in generalized peritonitis due to left-side colon cancer obstruction with perforation.The aim […]

Laparoscopic converted open colorectal malignant resections: A single centre experience

M A Gok, PhD, Mb, ChB, M I Malik, M M Sadat, S J Ward, U A Khan. Macclesfield District General Hospital. Introductions Colorectal cancer is the third most commonest and the second most lethal malignancy in the UK. Since the introduction of laparoscopic colectomy in 1990, laparoscopic colorectal resection have become routine practise. The […]

Abdominal and Pelvic Adhesions After Laparoscopic Ileal Pouch-anal Anastomosis

Ryan W Day, MD, Tonia M Young-Fadok, MD. Mayo Clinic Arizona. Introduction: Abdominal adhesions are an expected outcome after any open surgical procedure. Patients who undergo open proctocolectomy with ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (IPAA) have up to a 25% chance of developing a future small bowel obstruction secondary to abdominal or pelvic adhesions. Females who undergo […]

Comparison of outcomes after hand-assisted, total laparoscopic and open restorative proctocolectomy with ileal pouch-anal anastomosis

Tarik H Kirat, MD, Emanuela Silva, MD, Giovanna DaSilva, MD, Steven D Wexner, MD. Department of Colorectal Surgery, Cleveland Clinic Florida, Weston, FL. BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to compare outcomes after hand-assisted (HAL), total laparoscopic (TL), and open restorative proctocolectomy with ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (IPAA). METHODS: After IRB approval, all patients undergoing […]

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